Key Trends To Reflect On While Developing A Mobile App


In the past several years, the field of mobile applications has shown astounding progress. The mobile era is constantly evolving, from cutting-edge technology like beacons, cloud computing, mobile commerce, and the internet of things to cutting-edge devices like the Apple watch, Google Glass, and other wearables. Today's smart smartphone is regarded as a necessary tool for carrying out a variety of daily tasks. Undoubtedly, this has sparked fierce competition in the mobile business, particularly in the mobile application sector. The mobile app developers at the Kolkata-based business that specialises in mobile application development are quite knowledgeable about the most recent trends in mobile applications.

  1. Secure applications: The main problem for mobile app developers is security, which cannot be ignored. Several apps have been seen to have caused major security breaches in the last few years. A significant amount of data was in danger from cyberattacks in 2015. In fact, it has been predicted that only 25% of mobile apps will pass the most basic security test. Numerous variables, like the rapidly growing use of mobile wallets, the Internet of Things, and the steady increase in the number of mobile phones, can put application security at risk.
  2. The enhancing Beacon and location-based services: Beacon technology has gotten a lot of momentum. With the help of this technology, apps and websites can now access a user's position and exchange messages and tailored advertisements with them. This will draw and engage an increasing number of visitors to the websites. Apart from beacons, there are currently a number of location-based Wi-Fi services that are widely used by businesses and individuals. By 2016, these aid in generating billions of dollars in sales.
  3. Increasing digital payments via mobile: The exponential growth in the number of digital payment providers is something that cannot be ignored. There are two options for payments: Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The services have successfully advanced the already well-known mobile payments. This year, it's anticipated that Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and other mobile payment apps will be unveiled. Clearly, this trend represents the development of faster, safer, and easier mobile payments. Without a doubt, it is anticipated that this will continue.
  4. Wearables and IoT: A new aspect of mobile technology has been defined by wearables. With the popularity of wearables increasing, it is more likely that we will see fitness monitoring applications instead of device-specific fitness trackers in wearables like the Apple Watch. The health applications are only one type of software; there are countless others, including productivity apps. The textile and fashion sectors look seeking ways to incorporate wearable technology into products in order to benefit from it. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is currently in use. The IoT has introduced a new paradigm for mobile app development that could push it further.
  5. Increase in cloud computing: Numerous characteristics, like scalability, dependability, improved data storage, strong processing ability, and many more, are available with cloud computing. By speeding up the development process and enabling a straightforward integration of cloud technology in the apps, this can offer the productive development podiums that can benefit the developers and improve app development. There are many cloud-based programmes available, like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  6. The majority of developers prefer developing enterprise applications over other application categories because of the financial advantages. Today, an enormous number of developers from all over the world are found working on enterprise apps, and more than 40% of these have made a sizable profit. Additionally, it has been noted that there are more and more options for application developers to work for any company, and this trend is undoubtedly going to continue. This is due to the fact that the most well-known mobile app design company in Kolkata is thinking about using mobile podiums to either market its services and goods or increase efficiency. Therefore, the enterprise applications will undoubtedly give developers a lot of business.