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Food Delivery On-demand App

The food delivery app had a laser-focused concept in mind, pioneering a new market segment for the first time. The app targeted various fine dining restaurants of the city, the cloud kitchens, small size restaurants, fast food joints, and different takeaway joints to register on the platform to make their delivery needs more smooth and quick.


About App

With the growing interest in on-demand food delivery apps, Kryptoninc has as well joined the league and dived into development projects. An expert team recently developed this on-demand food delivery app for android, iOS, and Native with NodeJs and firebase in the back-end.

The app would charge a nominal commission to the restaurants depending on their orders. At the same time, the customer enjoys a seamless food ordering experience at their end with an easy payment option to the benefits of real-time tracking the delivery agent. This app made a prolific mark in a new untouched market segment, making them a trending app in no time. Kryptoninc experts ensure the user experience on each platform was developed with absolute precision and to the T. The app is still making its way up the market bringing robust performance and sales for well-known restaurants to small joints elevating their customer experience to the next level.

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