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Fitpound Fitness Training Tracking Platform

An ultimate destination for the fitness enthusiasts to indulge in for complete fitness guidance on workout regime and diet chart just like a personal trainer's experience on the tip of their finger. We developed a unique fitness app that focuses on providing a complete workout guide according to a user's need. Each plan was designed and customized as per the user's goal to weight gain, weight loss, athletic workout journey for competitions, or simply keeping up the fitness routine.


About App

The best developers on the Kryptoninc team developed it with great passion, keeping in mind the performance, accuracy, and backend precise calculation as per individual user's BMI and calorie intake requirements as per the nutritionist's advice. Each project brings its challenge, but the time to market the delivery and a quick deployment was one that the team handled with absolute perfection. The fitness app had many unique and exciting functionalities, such as various membership plans as per your needs with a personal trainer. Moreover, the user gets access to many other benefits, such as access to daily and monthly personalized workout detailed reports, a workout routine, and a progress monitoring tracking report.

The fitness app had a unique side that made them stand apart from its competitors. The first part offered users fitness guidance and personalized trainers providing workout progress to achieve the user's goal. The app gives community support that encourages users to interact for workout challenges and share their achievements. Depending on their needs they were able to join in the chat rooms. The other side of the app provides personalized diet chats planned in sync with their goals, workout charts, progress reports and align them with their diet menus. The app gets more interesting when users can also generate a shopping list based on their diet charts. We experts develop the app on Android, iOS, Native with a backend on Node.js

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