Fascinating Facts about Technology


Fascinating Facts about Technology-based Communication you’ve probably never heard of

What’s the first image that props into your mind when you hear the term ‘communication’? It’d probably be something which is an actual phone device; mobile smartphone might be the consensus but those of you who are older shall probably remember your home landlines.
Communication is one of the fundamental focus points of technology, and it can be said the overwhelmingly cultural cornerstones are fully dependent upon the same.
However, despite the obvious devices or software functionalities that can help enhance communication in improving people’s lives, the need for communication is far more universal and essential than it has ever been in history.
Here are some of the facts that can inimitably help in understanding the full scope of modern communication technologies.

UI/UX Designing is all about proper online communication

The constantly rising demands of internet users tend to have a lot of ground to cover. But, communicating with the user through the graphics and text have been in use even before the internet.
But, with the prevailing demands regarding technology, it can be truly said that the entire case has advanced and evolved tremendously.
This directly relates to the fact with the advent of the specialization area of the UI/UX Design. Despite the purely graphical overtones, the main objectives of these professionals are to establish innovative and engaging graphical and textual cues that’ll not just hold the audience attention, but would also engage them actively.

Speed still remains one of the consequential factors in communication

Well, of course, it does. But, what is being referred to here is the common misconception that all possible factors of speed in communicating with others is something that is easily managed all across the board.
Consider that any particular business may have numerous modes and channels for communicating. They’ve got to ensure that everything works as speedily and as smoothly as possible, and it’s just too much to be perfectly working every single time.
In fact, if you’re aware you’ll know that page speed difference even to the hundredth and even a thousandth can create all problems, and will lead to unmitigated loss.

Videos are winning the war between the most common form of media communication

Communicating with visual media has been a thing since the tail-end of the 19th century, but nowhere is it more prescient and relevant than on the Internet.
It’s quite well known that a video has greater levels of engagement and attention from a general audience in comparison to any other medium.
So, you could be looking at a future where video calling becomes more prevalent and commonplace than voice based calls in a definite sense.

Ask yourself where all the data on the internet is going?

Have you ever been curious where all the data goes in light of your everyday internet use? You must be aware that anything you do or perform online gets saved as data. But, the question is where does such an incredibly accumulating data is going.
Is it being stored in some secret facilities that you’ll never see in your lifetime?
No, communication data does gets stored in many of the cases, but that’s not near the extent to which you might be expecting. Google has said that only 0.04% of all such data actually gets saved, and the rest just disappears into the ether that is existence.
Communication technology is certainly one of the most essential market segments known to human civilization as a whole. Therefore, you trying to comprehend all this might be legitimately scary, but they’re the truth nevertheless.