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E-mentor Online Learning & Mentoring Platform

This educational app was specially curated and ideated with a unique thought in mind keeping in mind the specific needs of tutors and students' interactions.


About App

The concept covered various functionality, which was designed for little-to-essential needs of both ends. Each phase was developed with utmost priority to the user's experience, carefully with an in-depth understanding of the overall experience user's journey on the edutech app.

Kryptoninc precisely embedded various functionalities in the app, such as one-on-one chat rooms, a separate chat room for prompt Q&A sessions. Students from multiple grades, classes, and subjects could join chat rooms according to their requirements. Students and tutors could even choose to create a new room to discuss assignments or upcoming exams. Our experts developed this edutech app on Android, iOS, Native, and Nodejs on the back-end.

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